Animorphs: Rachel -- You Mattered

Fic: Hesitation (The Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Pink Remix) (Animorphs)

Title: Hesitation (The Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Pink Remix)
Original Fic: Lectorel's Tobie 'verse
Summary: Rachel gets hit on by a boy.
Rating: PG-13 for language, and a trigger warning for a homophobic slur.
Notes: A central part of the Tobie 'verse is the relationship between Tobie and Rachel. But as I gave the 'verse a lot of thought, I realized that there weren't actually any fics from Rachel's point of view, so I thought that was an opening. This is not actually a remix of any of Lectorel's fics in particular, but rather a re-telling of the opening and closing of #27 in the Tobie 'verse. I hope you like it, Lectorel! :D

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Animorphs: Rachel -- You Mattered

[Fic] An Invasion of Beasts (Animorphs/Game of Thrones)

Title: An Invasion of Beasts
Summary: North of the wall, a group of skinchangers capture a man of the Night's Watch.
Crossover/fusion of: K.A. Applegate's "Animorphs" and George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”
Spoiler alert: No spoilers for any character specific to either series, but I suppose you might be spoiled for a little bit beyond-the-wall culture if you're reeeeally sensitive about that sort of thing.
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Title: The B-Team
Summary: Jake has sent Marco, Ax, and Tobias on a simple mission with simple instructions. It's almost like he doesn't know them at all.
Word count: 1,032
Characters/Pairings: Marco&Ax&Tobias, aka "Team Finesse" (I know that by the time that nickname came into use, things were probably too crazy for a little mission like this, but let's roll with it)
Rating: PG (I'm emulating the book style, where swearing doesn't actually occur in dialogue)
Notes: For suzanami for the 2012 Animorphs Holiday Exchange, which I am shamefully, shamefully late for. So sorry! But here it is now! She liked banter, shenanigans, humor, character relationships, Marco getting Ax into trouble, and Marco/Ax/Tobias, so Team Finesse it is!

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