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Title: Hesitation (The Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Pink Remix)
Original Fic: Lectorel's Tobie 'verse
Summary: Rachel gets hit on by a boy.
Rating: PG-13 for language, and a trigger warning for a homophobic slur.
Notes: A central part of the Tobie 'verse is the relationship between Tobie and Rachel. But as I gave the 'verse a lot of thought, I realized that there weren't actually any fics from Rachel's point of view, so I thought that was an opening. This is not actually a remix of any of Lectorel's fics in particular, but rather a re-telling of the opening and closing of #27 in the Tobie 'verse. I hope you like it, Lectorel! :D

I know the stereotypes, okay?Collapse )

[Fic] Memorial (Animorphs)

Title: Memorial
Pairing: Loren & Naomi friendship; Tobias/Rachel
Summary: Loren reflects on a friend she never thought she'd have.

reposted from tumblr.

You know, I didn't even know my daughter had a boyfriend. How bad a mother does that make me?Collapse )

[Fic] A Figure of Speech (Animorphs)

Title: A Figure of Speech
Pairing: Elfangor/Loren, I guess.
Summary: Ax finally puts the pieces together of a strange conversation he had with Elfangor.

Finally, Aximili decided to break the silence, to take advantage of time in which his parents weren't around to tell him not to be rude.Collapse )

[Fic] Metamorphoses (Animorphs)

Title: Metamorphoses
Fandom: Animorphs
Pairing: Tobias/Rachel
Rating: PG
Summary: Rachel and Tobias find a quiet moment on a mission to do some homework.
Author's Note: Quotes from Ovid's Metamorphoses courtesy of the Oxford Word Classics edition, translated by A.D. Melville.

I'd rather be trapped as a spider than be forced to watch you guys die and then sit around as a statue weeping for all eternity.Collapse )
Title: An Invasion of Beasts
Summary: North of the wall, a group of skinchangers capture a man of the Night's Watch.
Crossover/fusion of: K.A. Applegate's "Animorphs" and George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”
Spoiler alert: No spoilers for any character specific to either series, but I suppose you might be spoiled for a little bit beyond-the-wall culture if you're reeeeally sensitive about that sort of thing.
xposted to tumblr.

They looked to me for leadership, but I was no king hereCollapse )
Title: Wanderer's Wandering Daughter (A Starbuck & Seven Fanmix)
Big Bang Story: On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams by embolalia
Characters: Kara, Daniel, background Kara/Lee

cover image (excluding text) not by me, original artist unknown

WARNING: Spoilers for the entire fic in the quotes!

Take all my pain and mix it with water, I am the wanderer's wandering daughter.Collapse )

[Fic] Ink (BSG)

Title: Ink (The Union Remix)
Pairing: Kara/Sam, Helo/Sharon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While still adjusting to his recent wedding, Sam gets pulled into helping another.
Note: A remix of lostinapapercup's very sweet Union

Hurry up. Raptor’s coming in an hour, and we still have to rustle up a priestess willing to marry a Cylon before then. Admiral’s letting Helo and Sharon get married.Collapse )
Finally getting around to archiving the drabbles I wrote for the last ship war at epics.

Fourteen Helo/Dees and a Gaeta/HoshiCollapse )

Mar. 3rd, 2013

Title: The B-Team
Summary: Jake has sent Marco, Ax, and Tobias on a simple mission with simple instructions. It's almost like he doesn't know them at all.
Word count: 1,032
Characters/Pairings: Marco&Ax&Tobias, aka "Team Finesse" (I know that by the time that nickname came into use, things were probably too crazy for a little mission like this, but let's roll with it)
Rating: PG (I'm emulating the book style, where swearing doesn't actually occur in dialogue)
Notes: For suzanami for the 2012 Animorphs Holiday Exchange, which I am shamefully, shamefully late for. So sorry! But here it is now! She liked banter, shenanigans, humor, character relationships, Marco getting Ax into trouble, and Marco/Ax/Tobias, so Team Finesse it is!

Don’t blame me. I’m not the one getting excited about pee down here.Collapse )


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